Sunday, November 06, 2011

i'm feeling extremely sleepy having woken up with a shock at 830 to realise i was running late for my meeting. in the end though, our key character was even later. mad rush for the morning.

now i'm settled in office again, waiting for the 3pm judgement. meanwhile i'm still repairing some slides but figure i should finish in an hour or so.

sighs. whatever have i gotten myself into.

and elixir replied so shortly and lately, that i don't think it warrants any response on my end. it was still a nice alert, albeit irritating. grah. i wish tuesday could come soon. perhaps i'll get to rest a little tomorrow, since the electricity in the office would be down. huh. let's just hope we won't be summoned into our ex-teeny office.
athena (saint seiya)shopping list

Hologram gold x3m $9.80
Gold reflective x4m $28.30
Foam 0.5mm 5m and 0.3mm 3m $81
gold cloth 3m $11.40
Gold reflective 2m x2 $13.1
Gold hologram 3m $10.50
Acrylic gold $9.60
Kangaroo glue $8
PVC 7m $15.72
Boob cup $1.73 2pcs
Blue foam $8.96
Red gem $0.50
PVC 24inch 0.2mm $2.12
Purple mesh 54cm 3yards $3.48
Mahjong paper $2.70
Chains $7 2 pcs thin chain $2 + 2 thick $2.50
$5 9 door magnet
$15.80 7pcs red translucent part roll ($1.80 per roll) + 2 packs of 8pcs magnet ($1.60 per pack)
$1.60 clear tape
$3 2 pcs thick chain
Purple wig $22
Purple wig tb $15.37
LED $20.21 + $20
Metal wire $19.60
Wood $2
Sandpaper $0.50
Flour $3.30 3 packets
Mahjong paper 5pcs $1.50
Gold embellishments $22
2x corrugated board $6.30
1x cardboard $4.80
Screws and bolts $1.80
black cloth $10

total: $388.72
tamazuki (nurarihyon no mago)shopping list

Gold rope 10m 40 rmb
Tassels $7 (12pcs)
Furballs $1.20x4=$4.80
Red acrylic paint $8.95
White acrylic paint $3.15
Brushes $2
White felt $2

total: $27.90

Saturday, November 05, 2011

just came back (ok, just is an understatement, this trip happened first week of october!) from taiwan and i'm so busy and lazy to write about. thank goodness someone else did 8D. so the 6 of us - vin/nik/vio/judas/mel/me planned and went over to taiwan for 9days of FUN and SHOPPINNNNNNNG :D:D:D:D:D:D:D hmmm i do so wanna go back now (especially since i'm typing from my office on a saturday T___T).

so since i'm so lazy to type and post the trip so i shall kope the entries from my darling here. she has a very good coverage and lots of useful tips! will update the links as she posts them up. i gather she's feeling pretty lazy too heh:

Welcome 吐 Taiwan

Day 1
Day 2
it's 12.37pm now and i'm in my office bracing myself to slog over the long weekends.

and only me and another colleague is present - where's the rest!!!!
gawwwd, i totally don't wanna stay past midnight again.

my weekend feels so sad now T____T